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The Silk Roads – Peter Frankopan

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​’Every now and again I am staggered by the extraordinary greed of these people,’ said Courilof. ‘An ordinary man has the right to be greedy, because he knows that otherwise he would starve to death. But these people who have everything — money, friends in high places, property — they never have enough. I just don’t understand it.
The Courilof Affair – Irene Nemirovsky


Massive majority of doctors in Malta against euthanasia

“Massive majority
of doctors in Malta
against euthanasia”

Times of Malta 06 December 2016

(The on-line version of the same newspaper headlines the article as: Nine in 10 doctors oppose euthanasia.)

1007 registered doctors.

396 doctors respond to a questionnaire about euthanasia.

357 doctors say they are against euthanasia.

How exactly does this translate into a “massive majority” when it isn’t even a majority to start with?

Read the full report here: http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20161205/local/nine-in-10-doctors-oppose-euthanasia.633018




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Talk from the real world #6: Riding the Maltese lexis

“Rajtek fuq l-Arriva ftit ilu.”

“I saw you on the Arriva some time ago.”

It seems that Arriva is going the Telecell way. The latter was the name of the company which introduced mobile telephony to Malta. It enjoyed a monopoly for a number of years and today, even though the name is officially no more, some locals refer to their mobile phones as a Telecell (see: Retro communication). Now it appears that the much maligned company which tried to run the Maltese public transport system for a brief 2-year period  – Arriva – has become a synonym for “bus”.

Derided though the company was, its name is now riding into the Maltese lexis.