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Marina – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

If 5 stars is a reflection of excellence, than I won’t go beyond two for Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s, Marina. What really irked me about this book is that the author “over-wrote” his descriptions, forcing creative comparisons for the most mundane of actions. This is evidenced by the innumerable “like” sentences which populate the novel – he was crawling like a spider, the music flowed through the garden like a high tide. I found it so annoying.

The story itself, supposedly belonging to the horror genre, was a bit too far-fetched to convince any of my hairs to stand on end. There are also scenes which reminded me of those zombie movies where no matter how fast one runs to escape from them, the slow-moving zombies (its in their nature) always appear to be just one step behind. The implausibilities, too, I found annoying.



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