Death at Intervals – Jose Saramago


I confess that I sit on the pedestal of bias when writing about Jose Saramago’s books. Ever since I chanced upon “The Double” while browsing in a Sliema book-store some years ago, I have been drawn to his books like a worm intoxicated by the heady offerings of his words. Even the odd book which fell below my expectations failed to wean me off other yet unread works of his.

So still with the whiff of the final page wafting through the corridors of my mind, I have no hesitation in stating that “Death at Intervals” ranks amongst the best of his novels. A humorous look at the relationship between humankind and death is actually a thin veil for thought-provoking insights into whether we would (or should) really want to live forever; and would knowing exactly when our permanent departure date from this life is make it any easier?

Rather than submitting to the temptation of flooding this post with innumerable quotable extracts, I simply recommend you get your hands on, and your heads into, “Death at Intervals”.



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