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If in Sicily for Valentine’s …

…. go in search of a Maltese geocache, the Linguaglossa Heart. Here’s a full description.

 A lovely walk between Linguaglossa and Castiglione di Sicilia along a former railway line.

Linguaglossa is a place we love because it is where we spent our honeymoon in 2014. This year we decided to revisit this charming town for our first anniversary and thought it appropriate to place our first ever cache within its precincts.

The cache is located along a former railway line which used to lead from Linguaglossa to Castiglione di Sicilia. A few years ago it was converted into a walking/cycling trail and though somewhat neglected, it makes for a pleasant walk along (and through, thanks to a number of tunnels) the surrounding mountains. Our cache is located after the first tunnel. Looking to one’s right, there are splendid views of Linguaglossa and the smoking Etna.

It is suggested that you carry on with the walk all the way to Castiglione but bear in mind that you’ll also have to walk it back. Beyond our cache, you will find a gated tunnel. Worry not because it is easily opened; the idea is to keep the cows from wandering in rather than keep strollers out!

What have we put into our small cache? An origami heart (handmade by the magrelinha), a plastic leaf, a used train ticket (Circumetnea line), a €10 voucher that can be used in one of the casinos in Malta and log book. No pencil, so please bring your own. Upload of photos will be appreciated.

Enjoy the geocache but please respect the environment!

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