Garmin Fenix 3 and the activity tracker (step counter)

A word of warning about the step counter function that’s part of the Garmin Fenix 3: it is definitely inaccurate. I’ve had my Fenix 3 for less than a week yet from day 2 I realized that my steps were being grossly overcounted. And I know why. Take a look at this first pic, taken just before driving off to St Julian’s on a Piaggio Beverly 300 motor-scooter. At that point, total steps recorded stood at 5568.


Upon reaching my destination some 12 kilometres later, this is what the Fenix was showing me – 5887 steps.


Interestingly, the additional distance for these 319 extra steps is 200 metres. I’m not a technical person but I imagine the vibrations given off while riding on less than perfectly smooth roads are being registered as steps. This is a plausible explanation considering that I wear the watch on the left hand, which is only used for applying the brake while driving. Hence there are no extraneous movements.

I had similar results when commuting to my work place and home. 18 kilometres on the motor-scooter translated into approximately 500 additional steps.

Has anyone else noticed these inaccuracies while on a motorbike? Or riding on some other vehicle? I wonder what the result would be when wearing the Garmin Fenix 3 during a bumpy bus trip!


4 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 3 and the activity tracker (step counter)

  1. I was driving yesterday on a 4 hour motorway drive in a VW Toureg that my step count was going up all the time. Not sure by how much, about 1000 steps though. Also I have about 100 steps done while asleep. Love the watch though.


    • And I thought the ghost steps being recorded were due to the bumpiness of the ride; yours is not the case. In fact it doesn’t happen when I’m driving a car. I suppose those of us who buy the Fenix 3 don’t do so for its activity tracker function. However, why include or even advertise it if it’s clearly overcalculating steps?


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