Who is Castro Videccio?

Don’t ask me what I dreamt last night because every pixel of these bedtime movies has fallen through the sieve of the daylight hours; except for one grain, which has solidified into a memory of rock-like persistence.

Sculpted in the interiors of my mind is CASTRO VIDECCIO. I have no cognizance of any person going by that name. Of course, I’ve heard of Fidel and Raul Castro but I don’t think that that is the connection here. Besides, those Castros are surnames, not first names.

Videccio (or Videcchio, because in the soundtrack of the dream it was voiced with the Italian pronunciation) also resulted in a dead end in the mental search I made upon awaking and in the hours that followed. Google’s brain too threw up a blank. If such a person were mentioned in the news or in conversation during the preceding days, then it must have sunk very deeply into the bogginess of my subconscious.

So, Castro Videccio, who are you and why did you wander into my dreamscape?


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