Celebrating the Republic (of Malta)

If time is of the essence, then I squeezed as much essence as I could from this Republic Day. I tasted the first drops before the sun had even bothered to glimpse over the horizon by enjoying the comfort of the night for a full hour longer than usual. This sixty-minute extension was not due to weakness but by design. Oh, the luxury of getting out of bed at 05:30. With my appetite for self-indulgence on a roll, I intentionally turned the shower mixer 30° to the left of its cold position. For the first time this autumn/winter 2014-2015 season, my skin soaked up electrically warmed water. It was such a wonderful sensation that if the hairs on my body had a voice, they’d be chanting in unison, “Long live the Republic!” All this celebrating helped crack open my appetite for more. So today, the magrelinha and I decided to breakfast at Munchies, the cafe that has views of Ramla tal-Mixquqa on its menu. (For those of you still trapped in a colonial time warp, this is the original name of the beach now known as Golden Bay). The eyes, too, deserved to eat while the stomach was getting its fill. As breakfast ended, the cappuccino cup emptied. Not completely, actually, because the froth, which maybe was on a caffeine high, sculpted me a heart. Not yet 11:00 and I was already in love with Republic Day. wpid-20141213_093533.jpg


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