Not running but trying

Continues from: Not flying but running


Following on from the three 5K races that I’ve participated in since my return to competitive running was this 10K, organised by the Zurrieq Wolves Athletic Club. The previous events saw me improving my times and, more importantly for now, my sensations as the legs carried me from line to line – quickly settling down into the rhythm after the start and speeding across the finish. The other week’s Maqluba race, in particular, lifted my competitive spirit and so I thought, why not double it?

However, instead of leaving Zurrieq tipsy with an endorphin high, I walked away thoroughly sobered up by the realisation that sports and finance have one thing in common – past positive experiences are not necessarily a guarantee for future performance. It’s not that I suffered to cover what is a very favourable route but the sensations I referred to earlier were absent. The lissome legs were lost, replaced instead by wooden ones while the breathing was laboured, like water trying to pass through clogged pipes.

Irrespective of what happened in Zurrieq, the plan was, and still is, to take a break from competition. For the next six weeks, the focus will be on putting in quality training. If that goes well, then I will be thrilled to do the classic Mdina-Spinola, But as with every journey, I’ll take it one step at a time.

Here is a technical overview of my performance in the Zurrieq 10K:





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