Backgammon is Beautiful

While on the theme of backgammon, here’s a beautifully written post I’ve come across. ..

Buddy Shares

backgammonBackgammon is a very old, very simple, profoundly beautiful, and underrated game, which, when played with loved ones or strangers, promotes wonderful conversation and connection.

My favorite weekend mornings start like all my mornings do, with a cup of black coffee and a trip to my front porch to watch my dogs run around. If I’m lucky, which is usually about once every other weekend, I’ll have time to play backgammon with my girlfriend for a few hours. We usually put on some good music, sometimes we put on a podcast or television show, but sometimes we just talk.

Short and sweet.
A long single game almost always takes less than an hour. Competitive play is usually match play which can last much longer, but a leisurely series of single games is what I prefer when playing for fun over coffee.

The beauty of backgammon is that you can talk…

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