Siggiewi vista
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Siggiewi, Sunday


Following on from: Siggiewi, Saturday



Yesterday’s starting line is also today’s starting point. Yesterday was a 5km, 21-minute-and-something run while today is an 11-kilometre, three-and-a-half hour walk. Yesterday was an out-and-back route, today is a conglomeration of circular ones. Yesterday was a welcome return to the Road Running League and today is a pleasant return to the Ramblers Malta fold.

Though this island is small, habit etches regular routes that guide our footsteps whenever we take time out in the countryside. The Ramblers and other walking groups help uncover new grooves for our trekking shoes. This is especially important for me now because my wife is from a far away – though many times larger – land. Taking paths I don’t usually tread on is a breath of fresh air for me and the opening up of new horizons for her.


Fatigued but still smiling


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