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In class, and in the Not Only Grammar section of this web site, I stress the fact that “it you don’t use it, you lose it”. It is fine to write down new words or phrases in a note book but that is only the first step in the learning process. Next, you must start using them. Try including the word or phrase in a chat message or e-mail you send. Even better, make it part of a conversation you’re having. You can even use it as a hash tag, just as my ex-student did on one of his Facebook updates! Kudos to you, Eduardo, and thanks for letting me use the screen shot below.

In the wee hours

As you can see, he tagged one of his posts (with a photo of the Colosseum, in Rome) #intheweehours, which translates into IN THE WEE HOURS. I have no idea at what time he visited that historic site but the dark sky and floodlights show that it was night time. Then, when he tags the post in the wee hours, I immediately understand that it was after midnight but before 05:00. This is not a precise time period but it usually refers to the very first few hours of a new day. If you were partying the night before and got home at 02:30, then you can easily say that you returned home in the wee hours.


Use it or you lose it – so write in now!

Have you ever flown in the wee hours? Where were you going to? How long was the flight? How did you feel about travelling in the wee hours?


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