Here are the Prime Minister’s lotto numbers

Malta’s parliamentarians must be keen lotto players. I wouldn’t have imagined it even though, in all fairness, they’re entitled to their little pleasures (or vices) just like any other man or woman in the street. However, since last year and especially so in the past weeks, a number of them, led by the Prime Minister no less, have been going on in public about 4 numbers in particular: 50, 40, 35 and 10.

Our politicians have discovered some hidden significance in this set of figures. Otherwise, why should 45, 35, 30 and 5 be any less special; 43, 33, 28 and 3; 47, 37, 32 and 7? Interestingly, asking a few gamblers why they play the numbers they do invariably leads to a similar response. The numbers on the coupon – the ones they chose – have an intrinsic power that supersedes any other.

Now let’s wait for next Saturday’s draw!


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