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I was lucky to have put the tea cup down before turning the page of the Times of Malta. When I saw the headline: Experts highly advice against ‘fat shaming’, my eyes rolled and I felt faint. I can understand it if a student of English makes such a mistake but Malta’s leading newspaper?

Verb or noun? S or C? Advise or advice? For those of you who know James Bond 007, does he have “a licence” or “a license” to kill? I’ll save you the trouble of checking your dictionary apps to find the difference – the noun is with a C, the verb with an S. So Times of Malta please note, that headline should be as follows: Experts highly advise against ‘fat shaming’.

Use it or you lose it

Using your own ideas, write out interesting sentences with these words: advice, advise, practice, practise. You can send them to me on the form below.


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