About the start and finish line


I’m no Kate Bush. In her case, she recently made a triumphant return to performing live after a 30-year hiatus. As for me, my break from competitive running was of only 2 years and crossing the finishing line of the Swieqi 5K produced a rather modest time. To her roar, my burp, so to speak.

However there is something Kate and I share (apart from being on first name terms) – the desire to make a comeback. It’s not that I had hung up my running shoes. On the contrary, there were periods when I was religiously following, and completing, 3-month half-marathon schedules. I had even submitted, and paid for, applications to road running events only to not turn up on the day; physically fit but motivationally stale. And let me be clear about this, the lack of desire was for the actual competition, not the day-to-day preparation.

Interestingly, the starter’s call made itself heard again while the sport and I have been going through a months long on-and-off affair. A few runs and occasional bike ride do not make for a race-ready athlete, especially not for the hilly nature of the Swieqi 5K, which demands mature muscles. Today, though, was not about the minutes and seconds but about the start and finish line … and crossing them both.

Which I did.

Swieqi 5k metrics


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