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This island is too rocky to be green

The environment is not a priority in Malta. If it were, Alternattiva Demokratika would have had both its candidates elected in the European Parliament elections held a few months ago. Or, since political party allegiance trumps common sense, Jonathan Shaw – the Nationalist Party candidate who openly declared that he was against spring hunting – would have garnered enough votes to see him on his way to Brussels. Even when a pro-environment demonstration is organised, only a few hundred turn up. I, for one, admit that I rarely participate in street marches. When I do go, it’s not to hold up a placard but to carry a camera. Having come clean about that, I can still say that I have always put my vote where my heart is.

Obviously, the green mentality has never taken root on this stony earth – see the fresh concrete that suffocates its surface; the lead pellets that will soon rain from the sky; the nets that are going to be laid out to entrap the remaining virgin land and anything that descends upon it; the cancer of encroachment eating up public spaces. Instead, we get pointless letters to the press and on-line petitions for our guilty consciences to sign up to. Both are poor substitutes for the power of the vote.

Malta’s green party? It might as well disband because this rock is not fertile territory.


One thought on “This island is too rocky to be green

  1. Boer says:

    Melita; the mother pearl. The blame is man. We desecrated it because we put our governments above Alla! We are the descendants of what is left of Aramea. We behave exactly like Cain and Abel, don’t you think? And it is universal. We are the last of Beth Nahrim, brought here as slaves..Fully understand our Nation’s Anthem, because it is written in blood. All things are sentient. There is only one King, and his name is God, and Malta, meaning, honey in India, and Maa sacred goddess of knowledge, a prayer or Mantra in itself. Learn Sanskrit….in there you will find our national anthem. Auuuuuummmm…..OM…..Mother. We made a mistake, we told our mother we don’t want her anymore and desecrated her…Mother, the Rock, will respond in kind. Naturally, the innocent die first. Although history clearly testifies that we are the rightful and the legitimate owners of Malta, we never made any territorial claims or aspirations, as other nations have done, by means of violent uprising and bloodshed.

    On the contrary, instead, the peaceful minded Arameans of Aram-Naharaim have always tried to live in peace, love, respect, dignity and brotherhood with other nations in the Middle East; treating them with brotherly respect and obeying the laws of the countries in which they reside.

    However, we painfully observe that today’s reality is that our people are being ignored, discriminated against, and treated as second class citizens in their own homelands, the cradle of the forefathers, which are now occupied, and dominated by other peoples. As a result of this their fundamental human rights are being violated and some nations try to exterminate them by means of ethnic cleansing.

    This only shows the world community that the Aramean policy of love, brotherhood and respect, is not part of the belief system of some of the countries and peoples in the Middle East whose dictionary lacks words like respect, brotherhood and peace.

    Our experience from the many centuries of discrimination and persecution proves to us that many groups and peoples are not familiar with the Aramean concept of peaceful cooperation, but would rather resort to the path of intolerance and fanaticism – the path of the ‘ Sword” ; a path which has opened the way for bloodshed, hatred and genocide.

    It was the path of the intolerance which almost has annihilated our people, because they were different, they spoke the language of Jesus Christ; they were continuation of thousands of years of culture and rich history and they were the continuation of the ancient Christianity. It was this very path of intolerance, which in 1914-1918 claimed the lives of approximately 600,000 Arameans of different denominations, whose nation is still feeling the injustice of such acts. Welcome to Malta. May love and light guide you.




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