Numismatist? Not! But …

Bus tickets, stamps, newspapers, First Day Covers, phone cards, GPS/HRM watches, post cards, books, cassettes, sugar sachets, movie soundtrack CDs. At some point or other in my life, I have fallen for the attraction and addiction of collecting these items. Most never made it beyond a few months before being discarded; their inutility was a convincing argument to bin them. Others stretched into the decades until something inside me snapped, the realization that they were nothing more than shelf decorations or dust magnets. (Interestingly, collected items can, in their turn, be collectors too.) Last year heard the loudest crack of all when I disposed of 300+ books. The motes still settle  but the shelves are so much easier to clean now.

So surely there was a phase when money of the paper or metal kind shared drawers or shelves with my living space ? The answer lies in the title of this post. There has never been a time when I could have called myself a numismatist. That critical mass of enthusiasm, where I would be willing to invest in time, research and accessories failed to materialize. The most I will admit to is having a lazy interest in the matter. On the rare occasion that I come across an intriguing piece of money, into a mug (if it’s a coin) or album (if it’s paper) it goes. In the majority of cases, I am ignorant about the history or real value of the item. This is why I’m asking for your help.

Every so often I’ll be uploading photos of this money. Hopefully, some of you will be kind enough to share any knowledge you might have about these notes and coins.

Until next Friday, 15th August, for the first post in the series : Money Help.


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