Nymphomaniac Vol. 1

Films filling time

Free time is not a single-flavoured ice-cream. There is chocolate, my favourite and hence an automatic choice, while strawberry and lemon usually complete the trilogy of scoops that colour my cone. These are gustatory pleasures I willingly pay for. But what if I’m offered a cup with mint or pistachio? Gelato, for sure, and free, to boot, but the situation dictates that I accept it, even though these frozen flavours rank very low in my menu of preferences. So it was this week, with free time foisted upon me. As I could only utilize it within the confines of my home, one of the default activities was the watching of movies.

Phone Booth – I’ve watched it many times over. Interestingly, the story centres around a man in a phone booth, mirroring my situation nicely, albeit not literally.

Once Upon A Time In The West – Way back from 1968 but I find the visual and aural close-ups no less mesmerizing.

Nymphomaniac (Vol. 1) – I’m in two minds about this film. Is there more to it than just a provocative title and controversial topic? Maybe I need to watch volume 2 to reach some form of conclusion.

Up – Uplifting, yet some scenes succeeded in getting tears rolling down cheeks. Beautiful animation made watching it again worthwhile.




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