How it feels to be Maltese – ask a Brasilian!

A cloud, heavy with humiliation, was hanging over Xemxija Heights last night. Twenty minutes earlier my wife and I had made ourselves comfortable on our favourite sofa, looking forward to the semi-final clash between her country, Brasil, and Germany. Neymar and Silva might have been absent from the squad but her hopes to see Brasil through to the final were optimistically present. That was at 10pm.

10.25pm and minha magrelinha was fully immersed in the Maltese football supporter’s sensation of despondency whenever (or nearly) our national team plays. I find it rather appropriate that this had to happen only days after she received her residency document. Not only does she have permission to live here, now she is obliged to share in our soccer shame too.

Another Brazil – Malta link, another “betweenseas” moment!




One thought on “How it feels to be Maltese – ask a Brasilian!

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